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Gearbox has teamed up with controversial game key auction site G2A to sell special editions of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.


This seems like a very odd move given G2A’s shady reputation, as it’s been under fire for allegedly selling game keys acquired with stolen credit cards. SpeedRunners publisher tinyBuild, accused G2A of selling $450k worth of its game keys obtained through fraudulent means, while a recent Reddit AMA curried little favour for the reseller market.

We’ve requested comment from Gearbox as to why it’s partnered with G2A and will update should we hear back. G2A did recently announced plans to legitimise the key-reselling business, and it seems to have convinced Gearbox that it’s all on the level.

As for what it’s actually selling, there’s going to be three different standard Collector’s Editions of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for €99.99. Each includes a Steam key, dog tag, a hand-signed certificate by People Can Fly head of studio Sebastian Wojciechowksi, and a 3D-printed and airbrushed figurine of one of the game’s three leads: Grayson Hunt, Trishka Novak, or Ishi Sato.

There will be 48 of these total. 16 with Grayson, 16 with Trishka, and 16 with Ishi.

Big spenders can splurge €249.99 for the Premium Collector’s Editions, which comes with all the same goodies along with a uniquely patterned bullet-ridden steel box (shot by real 9mm bullets!), a Bulletstorm T-shirt, and a decorative mousepad. There will only be six of these spendier editions available in total: two with Grayson, two with Trishka, and two with Ishi.

“The figurines included in the collector’s editions have never been available anywhere else, and will not be available again,” G2A noted. “They have been specifically designed and carefully crafted by G2A’s 3D-printing platform, G2A 3D, exclusively for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.”

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is due on 7th April and it includes a playable Duke Nukem. Come git some!

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